Enikő Gál

Therapeutic dog masseur

I'm Enikő Gál, Therapeutic dog masseur. Ever since I remember, i have loved dogs, animals. We always had dogs in the family too. Eight years ago I also got my own dog, Bors the guide dog, who was my companion for 7 years. He was operated with a cervical disc herniation three years ago. Part of the postoperative rehabilitation was a massage. He enjoyed it a lot, improved his condition a lot, helped him to heal, and I loved to massage, helping his recover.

I then completed the "Ebcsont Massage Odu" Therapy Dog Masseur training to be able to help other dogs too. The caress, the touch is very much loved by dogs. Massage is much more than that, it helps with surgery or post-injury rehabilitation, relieves genetic pain caused by diseases such as dysplasia or joint diseases in old age. But a relaxing or refreshing massage is also good for dogs. I welcome all dogs who would like a massage!