Barbi Lakatos

Dog trainer

It was never a question of whether I would work with animals, so I volunteered at the Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden during high school, and then studied biology at the University of Szeged and ELTE. Coincidences brought a dog into our family. Because of Bukó, my dog, I started the click-through training with dogs at the Gödöllő Dog Sports Center. The life and work with dogs totally swalloed me, so my second dog arrived, called Turmix, and with him the puppy chapter also arrived into my life. There wasn’t literally no weekend without a dog school during years. 🙂 We continously looked for new challenges with my own dogs. In 2014, I had the opportunity to complete the dog trainer certificate. I owe a lot to the team there. Although I have become an urban dog person since then, I always think of them with a grateful heart. I also have a veterinary assistant degree and I am currently working alongside a vet office as a dog beautician for 8 years, so I can see even more how important a balanced dog-owner relationship is.