Dog school

Group courses

Puppy school (for maximum 10 month old puppies)

Do you want to have a balanced relationship with your puppy dog? To listen to you both at it's young age and as an adult? With us, your puppy learns the basics and even more in playful lessons, while he can play a lot with your breedmates and also socialize.

You can choose between the following levels:

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Adult school (for dogs more than 10 month old)

Your 4-legged friend is already an adult, but you feel like you need to learn or repeat the basics? He has done everything nicely on the street before, but he does not listen to you lately? Come to our group class to have a harmonious relationship with your dog again!

You can choose between the following levels:

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Individual training

Whether it’s preparing for the arrival of a new puppy, or teaching your dog the basics, or perhaps a specific problem you want to address urgently, feel free to contact us! 

We welcome all dogs and owners for individual training if they want to develop together in a good mood, without violence!

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Bravery course

Is your dog stressed by the noises on the street? Is he shaking in the bathroom from fireworks, firecrackers or maybe a storm?

Is he scared of the rattle noises? Many times you need to use sedatives or maybe it does not even help anymore?

Then take part in our series of Bravery courses where your dog can learn that he doesn’t have to be afraid of these currently scary sounds. In our specially designed room, we are waiting for you with our trainers, so that these noises disappear to be a problem! The first consultation occasion is free.

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"Tricky paws" trick teaching course

You’ve been watching Youtube, TikTokos funny videos for a long time, but don’t know how to start teaching tricks? 
You and your dog know the basic obedience tasks, but it feels not enough anymore? 
Would you further expand your knowledge and look for something interesting?
You look for new challanges?
If the answer is yes, you and your dog will definitely enjoy this course!

For details and upcoming courses tanfolyam időpontjáért us!